A Finnishized American woman writes letters to her countryʼs president.

Maybe it’s time to just give up and wait for World War III

Blogit Kirjeitä Trumpille 16.3.2017 14:28
Lissu Moulton
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Kirjoittaja on New Yorkissa varttunut ja Helsingissä naisistunut copywriter.

It’s happening.

It’s only been two months since you and your spray tan machine moved into the White House and what I feared most is already happening.

As I told you once before, after the election most of us felt completely helpless and hopeless. That said, it was clear from the start the there was no way we were just going to sit back and take a Donald Trump presidency without a fight.

So we got together to #resist.

There was the Women’s March on Washington, we flooded our local representatives with calls and mail, Meryl Streep made that speech at the Golden Globes and we all felt a little better. A little.

But now, just two months in, you’re way worse than any of us even imagined. And I’m ashamed to admit this, but it’s like the Borg said on Star Trek: Resistance is starting to feel futile.