Suomalaistunut amerikkalaisnainen kirjoittaa kirjeitä synnyinmaansa uudelle “presidentille”. A Finnishized American woman writes letters to her country’s new “president”.

Is Donald Trump really as stupid as he looks?

Lissu Moulton
Blogit Kirjeitä Trumpille 21.4.2017 17:07
I’ve been living in Finland for over 25 years. Last night my phone rang. It was my aunt in New York. Her: “Hi! How are things in Norway?” Me: ….Um… Norway is great, as far as I know. I didn’t even bother to correct her. I mean, Finland, Norway… who cares, right? They’re both cold, both have lots of ...

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Lissu Moulton

Kirjoittaja on New Yorkissa varttunut ja Helsingissä naisistunut copywriter.


Thanks for your witty letter to Donny.

Why Donald was elected? Because The Electoral College has failed America and democracy in electing Donald Trump. Happened twice in recent times.
Why the founding fathers did not accept a direct popular vote? They doubted public intelligence, people vote for ”a favorite son” (today a populist) without information and big and most populous states would always win.
And what the FF:s did? They found ”the College of electors” where wise and best informed individuals from each state select the president based only on merits.
Where FF:s found the model of this system. From the Roman Catholic church where Cardinals select the Pope in the same way.

I think the founding fathers are rolling in their graves. A populist was elected and by the smallest (swing) states.

While The Donald WAS accepted and graduated from ”Wharton”, it was only as an undergrad and when it is referred to as one of ”the best business schools”, it is as a graduate school, aka post-graduate degree granting institution.

Donald fails to clarify this misapprehension because he prefers to align himself with the wonderful MBA graduates the school produces, rather than the undergraduate flunkies admitted more due to Daddy’s check writing ability than Junior’s academic abilities. No one even remembers The Donald from classes. Did he actually attend? No one can prove either way. Penn certainly won’t because it is an international embarrassment to be aligned with such an ignorant blowhard.

So true! He’s a complete blowhard and beyond an embarrassment to anyone who’s associated with him. Hopefully he won’t get us all blown up before he’s out, one way or another. #resist

”No one even remembers The Donald from classes.”
Yes. But the draft officers remember him. Donald needed Wharton to avoid conscription through a series of student deferments.Donald said
he had every time a “ultimately” the luck of a high draft lottery number. It was a lie.

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