Let's call it the Legal Not Fair Committee

Kirjoittaja on New Yorkissa varttunut ja Helsingissä naisistunut copywriter.

Dear Mom,

So, it’s Pride Week here in Helsinki, and this morning our parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee voted (yet again) against reforming the Marriage Act to give gay couples the right to marry. Only one response comes to mind: “Go screw yourselves, Legal Affairs Committee.”

When I decided back in 1989 to leave New York and spend a year abroad as an exchange student, I was immediately drawn to Scandinavia. It’s so free-thinking, I thought. The land of blonde hair and everything’s possible. I knew the whole getting naked and throwing water onto hot rocks thing would take some getting used to, but I was ready. So I packed my bags, hopped on Finnair flight AY006 and prepared my liberal mind to be opened up even further.

In the 25 years since my flight landed, many countries in the world and all of the ones located in Scandinavia have legalized gay marriage. Except Finland.

Honestly, there’s nothing anyone can say on the issue that hasn’t been said before. And the arguments against giving everyone the same rights are just so stupid that the only logical counterargument is “You’re wrong. Period.”

I could go on and on about the amazing same-sex couples I know who have been together for years, raising families and doing the same things everyone does in life. But that doesn’t even matter. Or it shouldn’t. This has to stop being a gay-straight issue and start being what it really is – a same-rights-for-everyone issue.

The proposal the Legal Committee rejected today will go to the entire parliament in the fall. I hope each one of them spends a relaxing summer enjoying quality time with their own families before they come back to vote.

My family and I will be marching this Saturday. But Pride Week will only really be a Proud Week when everyone has the same rights. Come on Finland, I know you can do it.

Love (is what it’s really all about),