Human contact FTW!

Kirjoittaja on New Yorkissa varttunut ja Helsingissä naisistunut copywriter.

Dear Lissu,

My answer – yes, I do think it’s bad to watch that much TV, iPad, iPhone, iWhatever.   For instance, it makes me crazy to see two people having dinner together.  Both of them have their phones on the table.  Frequently they are texting.  Almost never are they actually talking to one another.  I love technology.  I think it’s terrific and amazing.  I think it’s impressive that any two-year old knows better than I do how to work a ”device”.  But I also think it’s terrific to say to an actual live person:  ”Hi, how are you today?  Good to see you.  What’s new?  Would you like to go out Saturday night?”

It just seems better to me than ”LMAO, EMRTW, DGARA and LGMAS”.  I guess some people think it’s better to use that ”code” instead of having a face to face conversation.  Personally, I prefer:  ”Hi, did you know that Evil Monkeys Rule The World?”  ”No, but truthfully, I Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass.”  ”Lord, Give Me A Sign here.  I am Laughing My Ass Off, but I still don’t know if you want to go out on Saturday night.”

Of course I am talking here to a person who has ”no time at all to go to the gym with two kids at home” but who somehow manages to catch every episode of American Idol.  So, perhaps I’m the wrong person to ask.


Love, Mom

P.S. That’s: And now I have to go because I’m meeting my son-in-law Bruce for lunch.